The Magnetic Frames.

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An innovative product doesn’t have to be complex. As a matter of fact, many are over-engineered. It should appeal to the user with ease of setup and priced competitively. 

H&Y’s quick release magnetic filter frames comes in two sizes: 100mm x 100mm & 150mm x 150mm. Each of these comes with 4 sections (only the sides are magnetized). It is designed to fit both glass and resin filters, no thicker than 2mm. One plus point is that it’s compatible with LEE, Formatt-HiTech & Nisi filters. A holder adapter strips kit (available separately) is required for the conversion. An easy to understand instruction sheet guide users through the steps(as illustrated in the video below).  

These quick release frames allows multiple-stacking and sliding adjustments can be made with ease. The magnetic frames are strong enough to hold them together so it’s unlikely they will come off too easily. The construction of the frames are robust and it provides good protection for your expensive filters. 

A quick installation video, courtesy of Giovanni Corona – H&Y Global Ambassador. 

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