Global Trading

Apart from dealing in photography accessories, we have an import & export business that was established back in 2018. As part of our business diversification initiatives, we have been building up our international trade contacts and supply-chains. With a discerning taste in sourcing quality products, we are also a strong proponent for ethical trade. We only seek products that are practical, or with quality that enables the longest useful life possible – this reduces the need for more or other wasteful products. It is with this passion that drives us to partner brands and suppliers that share our values.

Our rule of thumb is:

“If we wouldn’t be happy buying it for ourselves, we won’t sell them to you!”

Our specialty product lines


Looking for items that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional for your home? We have them.


Intriguing & Innovative. We source for exceptional designer-led products all over the world.


We only source Eco-friendly products from trusted and established manufacturers. This is our commitment to protect our environment!