A versatile filter holder kit.

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Here’s one of H&Y’s patented K-Series KH100 filter holder with a plug-in 95mm HD MRC CPL, made of imported German Schott B70 glass. It has an unique HD polishing technique and Japanese polarizing film with multi nano coatings. The anodized holder is made of certified Aviation Aluminum Alloy.

Foam seals are affixed on the interior prevents scuffing when mounting filters. It also prevents light leak and vignetting. With its scratch-resistant, water & oil-repellent properties, this makes the KH100 a robust and versatile system. When fitted with the H&Y Quick Release Magnetic Filter frames 100mm x 150mm or 100 x 100mm (available separately), quick stacking of multiple filters makes handling a breeze. Each kit includes the following:

  • K-Series Holder (1pc).
  • MRC CPL (1pc).
  • Adaptor rings for 82, 77, 72 & 67mm (4pcs total).
  • Cover plate/cap (1pc).
  • Filter Pouch (1pc). 

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